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Graphics & Online Marketing

Graphics & Online marketing
for small & medium sized businesses


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See our products below. Ask if you do not see what you need!


Graphics for your business

We can help you with the creation of almost any kind of imagery for your website, social media or printed materials. We can create your logo, tweak photos and help you with a printed flyer or brochure. 

Creating and posting content.

Sharing all sorts of content on social platforms, to attract likes and followers. Content creation takes time and takes you away from tending to your business. However, any business needs to do it.

Imprezzing can 

Using Content Marketing as a stand alone marketing strategy very often does not lead to higher numbers in sales. Combining it with paid campaign ads (digital marketing) often is a much more efficient way to reach actual, potential customers.

Assisting with your social media

Social Media Management (SMM) means having an overview of all your online marketing efforts. A social Media Manager can assist with content creation, posting on various social media and set up digital campaign ads. The person also takes care of your profiles on Yelp, Google, TikTok, Insta, Facebook etc to make it easier for the right audience to find you. 

A Social Media Manager can be a full time person, but for most smaller businesses (1-10 people) working with a social media manger on an hourly basis does the job just fine. 

Paid Ad Campaigns

It covers everything from creating to posting content as well as creating and running paid add campaigns for a brand or a business. Social media management can be very time consuming and take away from tending to the business itself.

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    50% DISCOUNT   

   New clients only * 

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Discount applies to all hourly based products and. First purchase only. No obligation to continue.

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Hello !

My name is Charlotte.

I am the owner and manager of Imprezzing.

My background in marketing & graphic design puts your marketing resources to work to help your business grow.  

I love to work with online marketing because it is so effective when done right. 

Look Good Online

Too many businesses post photos of beautiful beaches, trendy coffee mugs and quotes from Dalai Lama. Posts like these do NOT set your business apart.

Your social identity must be sharp and interesting.

Be Relevant

Your posts must offer interesting and relevant facts, and be entertaining. 

Video, before and after pics, and clients' success stories gets you likes, followers and engagement.

We can get your posts right!

Efficient Marketing

All businesses need to do social posting establish and maintain a quality presence online. 

This is a lot of work. 

Enhance the efficiency by combining with digital marketing

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