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About Imprezzing

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Why do we do online marketing?

Alive and breathing is not enough


Being present is not enough

After having created tons and tons of marketing material in all shapes and sizes for various businesses, we have had to admit to ourselves and our clients, that it has to be managed right to be efficient.

All parts need to work and be in sync.


We make sure this happens

Imprezzing creates effective social media profiles, great content and digital marketing campaigns for small and medium sized businesses.

We streamline SMM accounts

All social accounts must look nice and always present your business as professional and appealing. We make sure that you look good on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Yelp and Google. 

We make sure your posts are relevant

We support it with digital marketing. 

That's efficient marketing!

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I am Charlotte Olsson. 

I started out as a graphic designer many years ago. Over the years I have worked primarily with digital imagery, visual communication and marketing.

Today, I am combining it all in Imprezzing. 

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Discount applies to first purchase only. No obligation to continue.

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