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What do the words mean?
Digital Marketing and Social Media Management


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is when a brand or business pays to advertise across digital marketing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. Such campaigns are set up to reach a specific and measurable goal.

This type of campaigning builds on and utilizes the huge and growing amounts of Artificial Intelligence that is behind the biggest players such as Instagram owner Meta (Formerly Facebook) and Google, the biggest search engine by far.

It is easy to test paid digital marketing because even campaings as small as $30 per week can show you how this works, and confirm that it works when set up the right way.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content, to reach and attract a clearly defined audience.

Using Content Marketing as a stand alone marketing strategy is time consuming: Content creation costs time, posting frequently costs time and the timeframe for it to better your sales is long to very long. 

While online presence is a must, it is in the combination with paid ads that it becomes efficient. Combine it with paid digital marketing for best effect. 

Online Marketing can be paid for or free.  

Paid digital marketing is when a brand or business pays to advertise across digital marketing platforms (mainly social media and Google).

Imprezzing recommends Paid Social Media Marketing because it is by far the most effective and cost efficient marketing strategy.

Paid SMM campaigns are so effective because AI (artificial Intelligence) is applied to utilize all the consumer data that are collected by social media. The AI power behind social media is huge and constantly improving.

Imprezzing has the skills and experience to make your digital marketing work! 

We have a proven track of higher volume of consumer engagement (likes and followers) and more interested clients contacting you. By being specialized in creating custom imagery and marketing campaigns that works we push social media's Artificial Intelligence to maximize your outcome. 

Trackable Results

Results are trackable. Yeaaaahhhh!!!!! This is awesome: it is possible to spend money on marketing and MEASURE the results and compare the results of various campaigns. And you don't even have to check your numbers sheet for this to work because the AI that you work with actually also gives you exact feedback about the results. This means that no dollar goes to waste if you set up your campaigns the right way from the get-go.

Understanding how to work with AI that is behind the scenes at Google and Meta is a gateway into loads and loads of information. This is without comparison the best and most efficient way to spend your marketing resources. 


We can do it for you. you can focus on your core tasks and do what you do best.