A Watermark as Your Business Card?

Marketing often involves showcasing images of your products, services, events or other that is yours. Whenever we post imagery online, we make ourselves vulnerable to copy-cats. While no system delivers 100% safety, please allow yourself to at least make life a little more difficult to anyone who might try to pass your material on as their own. Use a watermark!

Some people prefer digital watermarks, which are a piece of code that is embedded in the image data. It is invisible to the viewer and makes it hard to download the image.

I prefer a visible watermark. These are typically a watered down version of your logo, placed over the image. The visible watermark obviously makes your image hard to re-use, and (and that's a lovey thing!) it also serves as a business card, showing online who delivered that great service/product/event or other. Two flies in one nice big clash!

The one one here is pretty creative, but don’t worry. We can make really boring watermarks as well, should you prefer. Talk to Badot Design about a getting a watermark to protect your images online!

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